Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wink~wink :)

hye there :D
lama ta bercerita..
ari nea tetiba aku ase ada ilham nk mengarut kat sini
and hari nea aku ase macam ada masa free :)
apa cerita eh?
kita cakap pasal SINGLE & COUPLE..

advantages to be a single person

* free to do anything
*free to have any kind of friend
*free to "usha" any guys or girls
*no need to fight just because a small matter
*do not need to be a jealous person
*free to feel free :)

disadvantages to be a single person

*feel lonely (sometime)
*there would be a rumor that you are a gay or lesbian :)
*feel that you are not HOT :D

advantage having a lover :)

*feel like we are flying
*have someone to talk with
*have someone to be with whether in bad or good situation
*have someone who care bout us

disadvantages having a lover

*need to make a report every time, everyday :D
*need to be careful when we are talking
*cannot talk to much with other guys or girls
*cannot "usha" other guys or girls
*life like in a prison (sometime)
*possible to be a jealous person
*need to argue just because a small matter
*need to behave politely
*cannot do anything that we want (maybe)
and more :)

so, which way that u would choose ? hehehe...

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